Feb 18, 2022

5 Things A Divorced Dad Can Buy To Furnish His New Place (For Under $50)

Samantha Love
Samantha Love
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Since you’re reading this, it’s fair to assume you’re divorced or separated, and well...a dad. 

I’m a married mom to 2 kids, but I am no stranger to divorce, since my parents divorced just before I went into high school.

It affected me in every way imaginable, and had a ripple effect on my life that continues to unfold even at this moment, as I write this.  

I have great empathy for what you are going through - starting over.  

My own dad went from living in a large house with my mom and 5 kids, to a very small one bedroom apartment by himself. 

I dreaded going to his place as a 14-year-old, and seeing the folding chairs and lack of furniture, and the reality of the divorce.  It was really hard.         

So what’s my point?  Why is my story important to you? 

Because everything we do as parents has an effect on our kids. 

While many things may feel out of your control at this point in life, keep in mind that small changes can have a big impact. 

Whether you’ve moved into a new place and you’re starting from scratch, or if you’re just finally ready to turn your bachelor pad into something more, I’m here to help. 

The warmer and cozier we can make your place feel, the more comfortable your kids will be coming to visit, and that is super important. 

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to make it count.

So let’s get right to it. 

Here are the 5 basic things I add to every home when I’m decorating: 

  • Picture frames
  • Accent Pillows
  • Plants
  • Throw blankets
  • Shelves

And to make it even simpler for you, I’ve added links to 5 actual items you can click and buy today.

1) Picture Frames

Show off pictures of your kids

Picture Frame: $20 (Buy at Target)

This 8x10 matted frame from Target, is only $20.

It’s from the Project 62 collection and comes in 4 different sizes to fit photos or to frame art.  

They look great alone or grouped together to make a gallery wall. The best part is that they go with any style or existing decor.

Hanging photos on your walls is important and I cannot think of a better way to make your kids feel at home.

2) Accent Pillows

Comfy addition to your couch

Pillow: $22 (Buy at Target)

Women are good at spending money on pillows. It’s our thing. Maybe even to a fault.

It might not be something you’ve thought much about, because you never had to before. However, nothing makes a couch more comfy than pillows, and this boucle pillow happens to be pretty soft and good looking.

These pillows come in a few colors, all neutral, but I love the copper color (and I happen to own it).

3) Plants

Hard to kill plant

Snake Plant: $33 (Buy on Amazon)

A plant adds a natural pop of color that turns a neutral palette into something that works.  It adds an organic feel and a little life.  

This plant is the one of two plants I recommend to anyone good at killing plants.  

It’s called the snake plant and it requires pretty much the least amount of attention you can imagine. It only needs to be watered every 2-3 weeks, and some sunlight.

For $33, order a fairly large one from Amazon, and enjoy.

4) Throw Blankets

Cozy up your new house

Throw Blanket: $25 (Buy on Amazon)

Absolutely nothing warms up a room like blankets. Wink wink.

But seriously, throw a soft, but good looking blanket across the sofa and it adds style and creates a cozy spot to cuddle up with your little monkeys.

In my house, I am always buying blankets, and I keep them in a basket by the couch.

The key here though, is buying blankets that look good and are soft.

So while the fuzzy NFL blankets ARE super comfy, they aren’t the ones you need to keep in your living room necessarily.

5) Shelves

For photos, plants, or trophies

Wall Shelf: $29 (Buy at Ikea)

I realize that by suggesting a wall shelf, I run the risk of a Bobble Head Fantasy Baseball trophy ending up on it, (not that that’s ever happened in my house) but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.  

Ideally, you could put things like smaller framed photos on it, books, and maybe even a candle or 2.  

Shelves are a great way to add a little dimension to your walls and create a little space of interest. 

Hang 2 staggered or 4 stacked on top of each other. 

Most importantly, just be sure to make them level.


I hope these 5 items (for under $50 each) help you turn your new place, into your new home.

- Samantha Love

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