Feb 17, 2022

Losing Friends After Your Divorce

Andrea Rappaport
Andrea Rappaport

Did you lose friends after your divorce?

Andrea Rappaport talks about what happened after her divorce.

I have a friend who's a therapist who says,

'There are friends for a reason, and friends for a season.'

It's okay to lose friends.

I lost a lot of friends. And that's okay because it doesn't mean that they're bad people.  

And it doesn't mean that they couldn't handle it. It's a choice, right?

You need to find your divorce tribe.

You need people who get it.

And maybe your divorced tribe are just the friends for a season. Maybe it's just for your season of divorce.

You have these people who will cry with you, and get margaritas with you, and cry with you while you're holding a margarita.

You need people who get it.

You need your people.

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