Jan 29, 2022

Is Showing Empathy A Weakness In Your Divorce?

Ashley Wood
Ashley Wood

Is Showing Empathy The Same As Condoning Behavior?

Jennifer Sanders: You talk about in the book that, that empathy piece, that E piece, because I feel like in mediations, that's where sometimes people struggle.

They feel like by showing any sort of empathy, they're showing weakness on their part, or they're condoning the behavior of the other person.

Bill Eddy: And generally that's, that's a mistaken impression, because I like to say that empathy, attention, and respect are all free.

That you don't give up anything, and they don't cost you anything.

So you can go ahead and say that to somebody and it doesn't mean you're agreeing.  It doesn't mean you're going to do anything.

It means you're connecting as human beings who want to solve a problem.

And the way our brains work, it really calms the brain to get empathy, attention, and respect, so that we can shift over to problem solving.

Away from defending and staying stuck.


Best-selling author, therapist, and lawyer
Bill Eddy talks about how empathy doesn't cost you anything on the Split. After Ever After podcast.


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