Tracy Gould Sheinin

My name is Tracy Gould Sheinin and I have been a mediator since 1999. I have been a court-appointed mediator in the Atlanta, Georgia Superior Courts for more than a decade where I have supported thousands of clients as they navigate the difficult processes of separation, divorce and post-divorce adjustments. I also work with couples who are trying to stay together and improve their conflict management and communication skills. As an expert mediator, I specialize in assisting people work through complicated and emotional issues to reach a fair, thorough and satisfactory resolution. Together, we work on the financial, parenting, property and communication issues necessary to your particular situation. As is helpful, we may bring in other professionals such as attorneys or financial experts to ensure that you have all the information you need to make wise decisions for yourself and your family. Ultimately, you can have a comprehensive agreement that moves you from conflict and overwhelm to resolution and peace of mind. Schedule a FREE consultation to see if mediation might be a good fit.

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