Meagan Norris

At the start of my divorce EVERY SINGLE PROFESSIONAL, PERSON, FRIEND told me to prepare for a long, expensive, horrible, traumatic, contentious, high conflict experience. I decided immediately that this would absolutely NOT be my experience. I’m a coach and I know that my thoughts create my results. I’m also an Ennegram 5 (an Investigator). So I question everything, probably to a fault. I committed with extreme ownership to believing that this would be smooth, fast, cheap, peaceful, and collaborative. I had zero evidence that was possible. People were telling me the opposite was inevitable. I didn’t care. I had intense tunnel vision. I basically shut the entire world out and focused on the next step. I was the only person who had this vision. I let everyone else be swirly and held space for them. I processed intense emotions in real time without reacting. I always showed up in alignment with my integrity and compassion. I let it be really hard and made it mean I was right on track. Five months later the judge signed our final decree. We were able to mediate without expensive attorneys. It was pretty dang smooth and amicable. Knowing how to manage your mind through this process will SAVE YOU money, suffering, time, energy, integrity, and peace. It will allow you to come out the other side COMPLETE instead of with a backlog of unprocessed resentment and anxiety. You need these skills if you’re going through a divorce and I can teach them to you. Click the link in my profile to schedule your free consultation.

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