Lori Carmichael-Abare

MY STORY IS YOUR STORY I’ll never forget the day my ex-husband told me he wanted a divorce. It was Valentine’s Day, 2012. I was devastated, to say the least, and found myself trying to manage all of the elements of my new life — entirely alone and falling apart. During this time, I started journaling. I asked questions of myself, like… How do I move forward? What do I want? Can I be happy again? How can I take care of myself and my children? And the biggest question of them all: What do I want for my life? My friend, if you’re here reading this, it’s because you’ve also asked that question. You may also have looked around and realized, like I did, that you need, crave, and deserve help. You want the best for your children, and to heal yourself. We may have family, friends, and experts who surround us during a divorce, but there is no one who truly takes your hand and says, “I’ve been here, and I know what you can do.” That’s where I come in. Contact me today for help.

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