Dr. Tari Mack

Dr. Tari helps singles find healthy love and helps couples navigate hurdles, and deepen, polish and repair their relationships. Dr. Tari has been a clinical psychologist for 20+ years and now she uses her background and knowledge to help singles and couples get exactly what they want: love, clarty, peace and to bring each person she works with into full alignment. Dr. Tari works quickly and directly, always giving feedback with love to help her clients "see" what they haven't before and guiding them to do the work that's needed to bring them into full alignment and access their highest path and highest selves. Dr. Tari regularly appears on Access Hollywood, Daytime Chicago, and has appeared in various publications such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour UK, Parade, Bustle and has been featured on several international podcasts to speak about relationships. Dr. Tari is also a best-selling author and creator of the podcast Dear Dater.

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