Feb 19, 2022

The Best Dating Books For Women (From an Online Dating Coach)

Rob Roseman
Rob Roseman
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Are you feeling annoyed with online dating?

The countless dating apps.
The endless messaging.
The abrupt ghosting.

Oh c'mon now

It can all feel overwhelming.

That's why we asked online dating expert, Coach T, for help.

A few facts about Coach T:
• Over 30,000 Instagram followers
• 23 years as an online dating coach
• Helped over 9,000 people find their match online

And now, Coach T put all of this dating knowledge into a new book, Online Dating Secrets.

"I wrote this book so I could share the top secrets about dating apps, that I give my 1-on-1 clients, at a fraction of the cost."

Online Dating Secrets

In Online Dating Secrets, Coach T will show you how to:

- Crack the dating app algorithm
- Craft a compelling profile
- Feature your best photos
- Stay safe when online dating

Here's a Tinder swiping secret you'll learn in the book:


Ever wonder how dating apps always seem to know when you're single again? Coach T explains one trick the apps use:


Want to improve your online dating life?

Click here to buy Online Dating Secrets for $19.99 (that's 58% off)

And to save you time and help you improve your dating life quickly, we asked Coach T to share his favorite dating books for women.

Here are Coach T's top 5 dating books for women:

#1) Never Chase Men Again

Bruce Bryans

Click here to buy on Amazon

#2) Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man

Steve Harvey

Click here to buy on Amazon

#3) Date-onomics

Jon Birger

Click here to buy on Amazon

#4) Why Men Love Bitches

Sherry Argov

Click here to buy on Amazon

#5) Why Men Marry Bitches

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These 6 books will change the way you approach dating and relationships.

Learn how to avoid ghosting, stop wasting your time on the wrong men, and figure out how to meet the right men on dating apps.

Buy Coach T's new book, Online Dating Secrets for $19.99 (58% off) today.

Good luck out there, and have fun!

Rob -

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