Apr 18, 2022

11 Important Relationship Lessons You Hope Your Kids Learn Before You Did

Travis Rolo
Travis Rolo
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This life is one big learning experience.

What are a few of the most important lessons you've learned?

A few things you hope your kids or grandkids learn far earlier.

Here are 11 lessons I learned:

1) Not everyone cares as much as you and that just has to be OK.

2) SET HEALTHY BOUNDARIES!! (notice the all caps)

3) No matter how old and how many experiences you have had, you don't know everything. (That arrogance hit me pretty hard about 30)

4) Don't be content, don't get complacent. Keep working to improve yourself and your situation.

5) Don't settle....and respect the feelings of those trying so hard to love and support you.

6) Just because you "feel" like you have a reason to be bitter, angry, and resentful, you don't have the right to be hurtful. (if you let it get that far, you didn't communicate either)

7) Be responsible. Be accountable. Be humble.

8) Don't be negative. Find happiness where you are. If you can't, nothing will make you happy.

9) The sooner you can accept yourself, the sooner you will accept others and file them into the proper category without emotions putting them somewhere they don't deserve.

10) Better than the last, doesn't mean they are any better or the right person.

11) Ignoring traits that you don't like because they aren't "terrible", will only get worse and more plentiful the longer you deal with them.

Travis Rolo
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