Jenny Shane

Navigating Divorce? You need a professional who has knowledge from multiple sources and perspectives. I'm Jenny Shane and I am the divorce professional who has the essential experience and training to guide you through the divorce process in a less stressful fashion. For over a decade, I have helped countless couples divorce quicker, less expensively and more peacefully. My work as an attorney, family mediator and life/divorce coach has given me the ability to approach divorce from various angles. I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Florida Bar Licensed Attorney, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS™) through the National Association of Divorce Professionals, and I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology. As a Life/Divorce Coach, I specialize in working with women after divorce who are "stuck" and need that extra motivation and support to transition from married to single. Additionally, I coach women who have narcissistic ex's and need personalized help creating strategies to manage that relationship. Most importantly, as a coach I allow my clients to contact me in between sessions for real time help. When a problem arises, it needs resolving now! Contact me for a complimentary consultation. Let's get to work!

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